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You are a CEO, a member of the C-suite, or on the Board of Directors. You need to deal with emerging technologies and lead your business through rapid digital changes. Every day, you find yourself thinking about how your business is being disrupted, how you need to transform it to thrive (even survive), and how you can manage the risks and cybersecurity issues. We’re here to help you lead in this digital landscape. We talk to you, CEO-to-CEO, in simple, practical ways about technologies and the associated complex issues. We provide the information and resources you need to understand what’s happening and make effective decisions to lead your business to growth and ongoing success. Please join us as a member of the Vecker Project, where every month, we address a new technology topic with a presentation, videocast, and resource information — articles, white papers, and other materials. As a member, you also gain access to our library of accumulated topics and materials, which themselves are regularly updated. You can influence the topics we cover and the materials we create through your questions.

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