we help businesses make difficult decisions

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Over the past 15 years, the Vecker team has repeatedly been asked by the investment community to take over companies and figure out how to turn them into productive, successful businesses.

While executing this work, we identified eight issues that have become the structure of our work thesis.  These issues are critical to business success and especially critical to the implementation of new ideas.

We’ve developed a process based on our work thesis that we use with established businesses to make the difficult, complex decisions that lead to growth.

Today, we are actively advising businesses on how they can do this critically important work.


We help your business make difficult decisions.

We specialize in new ideas — what they mean for your business and how to implement them.

We work directly with your business using our work process. Together we analyze and address the eight critical issues.  This enables you to focus on managing through the issues and carrying out the complex, detailed work that needs to be done.

The result: you make sound decisions and have a way to make your new ideas work.


Tom Cowan, Managing Director
Formerly OutlookSoft (CEO), Decisyon (CEO), VCommerce (CEO), IBM

Scott Simpson, Director
Formerly Battery Ventures (OutlookSoft investor)

Deirdre Silberstein, Director
Formerly Deloitte, multiple startups

Ken Cowan, Director
Formerly FTI Consulting, The Stables (CEO)